Meet our Head of Platform
Jun 28, 2019

Meet our Head of Platform, Scott!

The Cogni team is a group of talented and unique individuals, and our Head of Platform, Scott, is no exception. Read on to learn about our former Who Wants To Be A Millionaire contestant!

Where are you from? Born, raised and lived in New Jersey my whole life. I’ve always loved living in a diverse place that is just a short drive to beaches, mountains, and some of the most important cities in the world like NYC, Philly, Boston and DC.

What's your function within Cogni? At the 10,000 ft view, my responsibility is to take some of our great ideas and bring them to fruition. I’m very proud of our Design, Product, and Engineering teams who are working very hard on everything from ideation to development. We strive to deliver a high-quality, secure offering that delights our future Cogni members. It is exciting (and ambitious) to help people reach their financial potential and live their best life via personalization, social leverage, and convenience.

What are your personal values? “There’s no better time than the present”. This really rings true being part of a start-up team. When you have such a lean team, getting things done the moment you think of it is very important. You have to strike while the iron is hot!

What are you passionate about? Having worked in the tech space for a long time, I have always been very passionate about privacy. I know that’s such a “buzz-word” right now. But I’ve always been a very private person digitally, and I want to give Cogni members the ability to be in control of their private data and feel as secure as possible.

What are you working towards? Right now, we are laser focused on completing the first phase of our secure (and compliant) banking platform so that we can begin doing some real-world testing with some of our friends & family. Once we work out any kinks, we’ll open up the platform to a small handful of “early adopters” in a few targeted locations. During this Beta launch, we aim to collect as much feedback as possible and adjust accordingly. Then, we’ll aim for a broader roll-out.

Why are you here at Cogni? Those who know me, know I’m not shy about sharing my opinions, trying new ideas, and feeding off of others. Basically, if you want change, don’t wait for it to happen to you. Speak up and take action, and you might actually make an impact. The diversity of backgrounds, cultures, and ideas brought by our team is amazing and it manifests in very creative and empathetic ways that we look forward to delivering to our Cogni members. We also know that we aren’t the only people on the planet with ideas...we are excited about the opportunity to co-create our platform with our Cogni members. The software and infrastructure we’ve built is extremely flexible and dynamic – it’s really unlike any banking platform I’ve ever seen before. This positions us to be nimble and adapt quickly so that we are able to deliver the most delightful banking experience possible. 

Interesting fact... I was on a game show once.


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